ABC Keystone President Message September 2021

By: G. David Sload, President-CEO, ABC Keystone

Right now, when you hear “Make your vote count,” it brings up painful memories of election night November 2020. Let me start by telling you that is NOT what I am here to talk about. It is that time of year when your Board of Directors puts forth a slate of candidates to run for open Board seats. For many years, individuals were nominated and put on a ballot mailed to members to provide an opportunity for them to officially vote for their Board of Directors.

The challenge over the last several years, is that we have seen a huge decline in the number of ballots returned. After doing some reconnaissance, the biggest reason provided for the decline was that there were only four openings on the Board for which to vote and only four people from which to choose. In other words, we really weren’t voting, but reaffirming the slate the Board put forward. As this is a member-driven association, the Exec team and Board want to make sure you do have input.

The election to fill the class of 2022 will be different. With more people having the desire to serve the members, the time is right to have an open election. For 2022, we again have four openings. However, the nominating committee put forth a slate of five individuals to run for those four seats. The Board ratified that slate during their August meeting. Therefore, you will have a choice, and we will request that you take the time to review and submit your ballot when you receive it.

Let me introduce you to the candidates and some of their ABC service (listed in alphabetical order):

Robb Beiler, Director of Business Development, Quality Buildings LLC
Rob is currently serving on the Young Professionals Committee and the Workforce Development Committee.

Jeff Bright, Senior Counsel, Saxton & Stump Lawyers and Consultants
Jeff is currently serving on the Safety Committee and is a frequent presenter for certain educational seminars.

Roger Brubaker, Director of Construction Services, Meadow Valley Electric, Inc.
Roger is currently Immediate Past Chair of the Board (serving both the Exec Committee and Board), PAC Chair, PA ABC Board member and serves on the Government Affairs Committee.

Joe Finkey, Builder Commercial Sales Manager, Martin’s Flooring, Inc.
Joe is currently serving as the Chair of the Membership Committee.

John Hykes II, President/Human Resources, B & B Integrations
John is currently serving on the Board, a Trustee for the Apprenticeship Trust, and serving on the Membership and Events Committee.

At the end of September, you will receive a ballot with a self-addressed envelope in which to return your vote. Between now and then, please feel free to reach out to the candidates and get a sense on how they plan to represent you and our industry. In addition, should they reach out to you, please listen to their thoughts and ideas. This is your chance to have a direct impact on the direction of your Chapter. Make it count and VOTE!

G. David Sload
G. David Sload
ABC Keystone President-CEO

Posted September 10, 2021