By: Jim Weischedel, Director of Consulting, Samaritan Business Consulting

The management of Human Resources (HR) is critical to an organization’s success. In many companies and industries, employees are the biggest differentiating factor between companies. With a very low unemployment rate, there has been a significant shortage of skilled labor, which has caused staffing shortages in many organizations. Organizations need to establish and maintain excellent HR practices in order to be able to attract and retain their talent.

In addition, there is still a lot of employment legal risk for which companies have to contend. For example, we’ve all heard about the numerous claims of sexual harassment that have been made in recent months. There are also discrimination, wrongful termination, compliance, and numerous other pitfalls organizations must navigate.

In some organizations, the task of HR is either split up between a few individuals or given to someone who hasn’t been trained in the discipline of HR. This is especially common in small companies. Sometimes these individuals don’t always “know what they don’t know.” This series can help these individuals fill in some of the gaps in their knowledge base and provide them with more confidence to perform their HR functions more effectively.

The Human Resource Management series at ABC Keystone is designed for individuals who haven’t been trained in HR practices, would like a refresher in HR topics, or would like more detailed knowledge on a specific topic.  The series contains 12 two-hour sessions, with a session occurring once per month for two hours.  We plan to cover a vast array of topics, including:

In addition to learning from me, you will get the opportunity to learn from your fellow classmates as we all share about our experiences with each of these topics. The sessions are designed to be interactive and relevant to your experience. I hope you can join us!

Human Resources Management Academy

Series starts April 18, 2018
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Entire course approved for 22 credit hours towards PHR, SPHR and GPHR professional re-certification.
Each session approved for 1.84 credit hours.

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