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By Kevin B. Keith, Director of Safety Services, ABC Keystone

Finding qualified people today can be quite a challenge. With the unemployment rate being at just below 4.0%, it makes the challenge even more daunting, especially when you are looking to find people to fill your middle to upper level manager positions.

Employers will typically choose to steal supervisors and managers from other companies. All that this does is leave constant vacancies and voids within companies looking to have good leaders. Employers could gain the upper hand by looking inward and focusing on cultivating good leadership within the company. This can be done by assessing the current leadership skills that your workers possess. This may also show that many of your employees are lacking such skills.

In the end, the employer might be left asking themselves the question, what are we to do?

The answer to this question lies in the current company’s internal training. A company can start by asking the question, “What are we doing to develop future leaders?” If the answer to this question is “nothing,” then you have a place to start.

Begin by assessing the new-hire training. Instead of just throwing a lot of paperwork in front of a new-hire (unfortunately, this must be done to implement the appropriate human resource documentation), take the time to review appropriate work practices. Provide details of safety and production goals and how the two are intertwined.

Look at implementing a mentoring program that provides guidance on how the company expects the worker to complete job tasks. The focus of the mentoring and training should be about taking this new-hire and showing them the path for growth.

Many new employees want the ability to grow and advance in the company, but they don’t fully understand how to do this. Providing a direct hands-on approach and providing additional leadership training that includes both the skills required to lead people and the ability to recognize safety and health issues and take corrective action, will go a long way to improve the overall well-being of the employee and the company. Providing a clear path to success for all employees will cultivate a more improved employee base.

Not only will the company be able to retain employees, but they will be able to hire or draw more qualified applicants. Companies that have a good reputation of caring for their employees and providing growth opportunities draw the best talent and improve their bottom line.

ABC Keystone provides many opportunities to improve and train your future and current leaders. Fundamentals of Crew Leadership, OSHA 10-Hour and 30-Hour Construction courses, the Superintendent Training Program, Conflict Management, and many OSHA required trainings are just a few ways that ABC can aid in improving your workforce and cultivating new leaders.

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July 30, 2018