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In October 2001, I was attending a regional sales meeting. It was a month after 9/11, and I was with a group of salespeople discussing the impact of the aftermath on our sales. Most people were talking negatively, were very pessimistic, and were sharing expectations of a downward spiral in sales. They felt there was nothing they could do as customers surely were not open to new ideas or working with new providers. The general opinions were, “Yes, we’re just going to have to hunker down for a while.”

Well, that was not my attitude. I figured this was the time to keep connecting, keep being proactive and build upon positive expectations. When times get tough, leaders step up. They run toward the storm and push through. I did that in 2001, and my book of business continued to grow.

That sounds a lot like what we’re experiencing now. Granted, this pandemic is unprecedented; we’re navigating waters we’ve never experienced before now. But what are most people doing? They’re feeding the negative, pessimistic side of their imagination. None of us really know how this will all eventually play out – the news is questionable, often contradictory and incredibly dynamic. The only thing that is in our control is how we think and what we do with what we think.

Take action. Take precautions.
Be smart. Be safe and be careful.

But don’t stop adding value.

Add value to clients by serving them any way you can. Add value to your family by making the most of the increased time together. Add value to yourself by listening to and engaging with smart, positive and proactive thinkers. Work on some of those big projects you’ve been wanting to accomplish. Get outside and exercise – fresh air, sun, and outdoors – what a great treatment for boredom and anxiety.

Some great mantras I have heard over the years may help you re-think what is happening and what we can do about it:

“We become what we think about most of the time.”
What are you thinking?

“Beliefs drive behaviors.”
If you believe you will lose, you will act in accordance with that belief and make it so.

“Action cures fear.”
What actions can you take to proactively navigate success right now?

“We move in the direction of our most dominant thought.”
What thoughts have been filling your mind and driving your actions?

Some of us will come out of this worse than we started, and some of us will come out better. What we have to understand is that it is a choice.

What do you choose?

Mike Greene, IntegrityWorks Coaching: For over 27 years, Mike has been an exceptional sales and business leader with proven experience in business coaching and development, sales planning and execution and vertical and horizontal market expansion, while building strong and lasting relationships with clients, associates and partners. As owner of IntegrityWorks Coaching, Mike has worked with numerous business owners, sales professionals and leaders in revenue growth, operational efficiencies, strategic planning, organizational development, communication, and various forms of personal and professional accountability. He and his wife, Amy have been married for 25 years and reside in Carlisle with their three kids.

Posted May 6, 2020