Leadership Development Series – Building a High Trust Team: Who’s Got Your Back?

If you’re a leader, and you build vulnerability-based trust, you will attract top-talent. If you are an individual contributor and you help establish vulnerability-based trust on the team, your peers will want to work with you. Without Trust you cannot move forward. Discover how to quickly build trust. How can you create a high trust team? Part of the Leadership Development Series.

Leadership Development Series – Presentations – Removing the Fear

Hands-on opportunity to learn and receive immediate feedback on the fine art of presenting! You’ll walk away better prepared to address future audiences by using a “toolkit” of tips to establish rapport, develop compelling content, control pre-stage jitters, and manage last-minute glitches. Prepare yourself for that public speaking debut. Apply the best techniques from your peers. Employ what the “pros” do. Hone your public speaking skills to make more engaging presentations. Part of the Leadership Development Series.

People – Your Most Valuable Asset

Developing Positive Assertiveness - ABC Keystone

By: Jeff Witmer, Pathway Business Advisors As an Executive and Leadership Development Coach, I would estimate that 50 percent of the discussions I have with business owners and executives revolves around team and leadership issues. These discussions typically involve how to attract and retain top talent, leadership development, succession planning, and how to manage delicate […]